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The Wood Fern

Coconut Milk Face Cleanser - 3 oz.

Coconut Milk Face Cleanser - 3 oz.

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For double cleansing! This is a water activated (by you) powder that has a light surfactant in it to clean your skin after oil cleansing. This is great for summer when you're outside playing all day and come in covered in spf, sweat, and dirt. This comes in a biodegradable cardboard shaker.

Oat Flour : A light exfoliant and soothing for inflamed/dry skin.

Coconut Milk: Coconut milk is great for dry, inflamed, and sensitive skin.

Pink Kaolin Clay: Clays are great cleansers! They naturally remove dirt, excess oils, and offer a light exfoliation. Pink Kaolin Clay is great for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Chamomile & Calendula: These are in here for light exfoliation and their soothing properties.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: This is a very gentle surfactant that is derived from coconuts. Unlike other surfactants, it doesn’t strip the moisture barrier or dehydrate the skin. This is here for the creamy lather it produces.

To use: Use your cleansing balm/oil as usual, once rinsed off you’ll then use the powder cleanser (around half a tablespoon works for me), activate with a few drops of water on wet hands, and lather into your skin. Rinse that off and then moisturize as usual! 

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